Sunday, July 22, 2012

124. The spider the butterfly & the web...


In the centre of his web with silky strands extending radially ,
Sat he with a lingering half smile on his face,
Was totally happy & at peace with the whole world,
With nothing whatsoever  to distract from a blissful life,
Built the web with his own hands a long time ago,
 ' Cause tradition dictated that he built a web or some thing like that,
All the same he never wanted anyone to get stuck on his web,
Just sitting at the centre with a contended heart was all he wanted
Reverberating vibrations resonating the silvery strands,
Woke him up with a jolt from the slumber immersed in,
Slowly waking up and looking around what did he saw?
A beautiful butterfly caught at the verge of shimmering web,
Walking slowly towards her  waiting with a bowed head,
Expecting a horrible death she was without doubt,
Tenderly touching her forehead so lovingly,
Released her from the strands she was entangled in,
Nae a word uttered she flew away to the sunset,
But not before casting back furtive glances from corner of her eyes,
He sat at the centre of his web looking at her  with that eternal half smile,
Listening to his heart   whispering that this is not the end,
For a long long  time she didn't come back,
May be it was not so long but he felt so,
End of the day heaving a huge sigh,
he was ready to get back to his life once again,
There came the vibrations once again,
That means she has come back once more,
With a lightness of heart that surprised even him,
The spider went away to release her again,
She didn't fly away but sat with him on his web,
Swaying merrily in the winnowing wind,
They spoke about everything under blue sky,
About the sun moon and the stars, life & love itself,
When she was ready to fly away once more,
 '' Don't come back again ''  he said with a smile,
 '' Now I cant make a promise like that''
Said she with a sidelong glance,
Will she come back again to the web?
what would he do if she does exactly that?
Your guess is as good as mine, so let's leave it like that,
Want to make a guess  or shall we let the time decide.


  1. welcome back....

    1. Thanks Ano, thank you so much :) :)

  2. Ravi, Dude, This is awesome. I clicked on the link and checked Beautiful Mind's work, too.

    I couldn't help noticing two misprints. They are:
    thirds stanza third line last word: I think it's "see"
    fifth stanza, first line, first word: Is it "Not"

    Ravi, keep it up! dude!

    henryblogwalker the Dude

    1. A Thousand thanks Henry you just made my day Heh, heh,

      Yeah, I agree see is more appropriate than saw,thanks henry again,

      Nae is used mostly in verses in lieu of the word No, it has the same meaning.......

    2. Aha like "nay", isn't it?
      Oops, I thought our Ravi dude is a contemporary poet. He he!
      henryblogwalker the Dude

    3. Yeah, Henry, like are correct...:) :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Beetle...Ramadan Kareem, Habibi :) :)

  4. The beauty of a superb piece of writing is what is left out–the empty spaces. You do that beautifully.

    Welcome back Ravi...:)

    1. Thanks Poddi,

      You mean some thing like " Reading between the lines ", don't you now?....heh, heh,

      Well, my dear, don't do it too often, there is nothing to it more often than not...:) :)

  5. Heh heh !!! welcome back big brother,
    As I told you can’t get away from that saga of hunter this easily, I’ll be chasing you till it’s done just behalf of all the readers, so pack your bags for the journey in to the wilderness. :D :D :D

    1. Thanks Nawam for your wishes heh, heh...

      No, kollo, I haven't forgotten the hunter, he is with me day & night ....its getting rather fidgety and nervous for both of us with the saga uncompleted.

      For the last two weeks or so the hunter is haunting me in my dreams threatening me to finish this one way or the other.

      '' මේ උඹට මම ආයෙ කියන්නෙ නෑ, හොඳද?....මහ ලොකුවට ලෝඩ් බකිංහැම් වගෙ මගෙ කතාව පටන්ගෙන දැන් අර මොනවද කාපු මොකාද එකා වාගෙ ඉන්නව නේද විරවපට්ටං ගහගෙන?....හොඳ හිතිං මේකෙ දෙකිං එකක් ඉවර කරපං හරිය?...මොනවදෑ එහෙනං ආයෙ...එක්කො බැරි මඟුල් පටන් නොගෙන නිකං ඉන්න ඕනෙ.....''

      Two or three times during every night I am being jolted out of my sleep sweating all over ... its really rather scary Nawam.....:( :(

      So I am going to finish it sooner rather than later...If only for the peace of my mind ....

  6. What happened to the saga of the hunter..and to you. Nice piece of work . It is so nice to see you back.

    1. Hey, I told you all that I am leaving on my annual vacation in my last was about that fire where all those innocent children perished ....remember it?

      quote / ලබන සතියෙ මගෙ වාර්ෂික නිවාඩුව..../ unquote

      So, Bindi.... I was on my annual vacation & virtually off line for the most part primarily due to my net connection at home being absurdly slow....

      Well to tell you the truth I admit there were more important reasons in addition and I am not going into any details as a post or two may be written on it...heh, heh,

      Thanks Bindi for your appreciation & really its nice to be back ...I missed you all....

  7. In the garden greeny I was wandering happily
    Murmuring hum hum hum
    Birds sang merrily flowers smiled shyly
    And the butterflies too flew

    Suddenly I froze a still wanting to run and scream
    My eyes popping out so wide
    Hanging by a mossy tree cradling in the cool breeze
    I saw the beast so wild

    Ugly hairy long spikes spread along the world wide
    Stood there the eight legged one
    His silver home shining in the peeping sun light
    Waiting for the victim to come

    It wasn't my habit to stare at the beasts
    But I couldn't look away from him
    I might be going crazy I wondered out madly
    But I saw a little smile on him

    His eyes were set on a dancing butterfly
    Flying around his silvery home
    His face was calm and I saw that he was charm
    And knew she had come to see him

    She came close by and tangled in the web
    He crawled with the smile on his lips
    I closed my eyes but peeped through the lids
    To see him releasing her wings

    She laughed with pleasure and he smiled in leisure
    I still couldn't believe my eyes
    They talked through eyes and danced through hearts
    And I knew I'm going to love them

    1. The spider was waiting for her so longingly,
      Counting his I am not sure what,
      If he had fingers that would do definitely,
      Otherwise anything suffice like his legs,

      When at last he saw her merrily floating on a gust of wind so freely,
      And ambled to welcome her at the edge of his web,
      The duo sat on a silvery strand shining so brilliantly,
      Sickle of a moon was rising over yonder casting a glow over them,

      He was waiting for her kiss as usual,
      But she was not willing to do so today,
      With an exasperating murmur asked he,
      '' Why are you so shy & bashful today my dear? ''

      Nay a word with a shake of her head,
      Did she indicate the shadows beneath them,
      Turning his head he looked down at once,
      Grunted in a voice akin to being strangled,

      '' Ohhh, isn't it that girl now? ''
      Said the spider shaking his head,
      '' The gal is eccentric do you know?''
      '' Nuhugune to be precise '' said he merrily,

      '' Always screams her head off, ''
      '' Dashing away like the devil is after her, ''
      '' Whenever she sees me always like that, ''
      '' But I have done nothing to her...''

      '' But look at her now my dear,''
      Said the butterfly smiling radiantly,
      '' She is looking at us rooted there, ''
      '' Unblinking eyes shining merrily, ''

      '' I don't like her gawking at us, ''
      '' what's with her I don't know, ''
      '' shall I scare her away for good?''
      Asked he with a sombre face.

      '' May be this is the first time she has,''
      '' Seen a spider & butterfly in love, ''
      '' So don't do anything harsh my dear ''
      '' We would sit here like nothing the matter,''

      Wriggling closer to him on the web,
      Myriad lights dancing in her eyes
      Placing her head on his shoulder,
      She wanted from this world nothing more ever,

      That gal could believe not her eyes,
      Rooted to the spot as if a statuette,
      She went on gazing in wonder,
      At love at its most enigmatic manifestation,


මගේ සිතුවිලි ගැන ඔබේ සිතුවිලි


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