Friday, November 9, 2018

615. සොඳුරු සිතට ලියූ සටහන් - 2 - The Man Who Loved An Angel

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He was a lonely man for sure,
Living in world of his own,
His heart cried out in misery,
Amidst thousands of souls to no avail,

To each & everyone who dared to ask,
He had but one answer,
My love is only for the angel in my dreams,
Who will come to me one day in person,

Then that one day finally came,
A night with a sparkling moon in glory,
From a cloudless sky like a silver streak,
Angel of his dreams came to him,

"I am the angel of your dreams,
Came to you from heavens above,
But beware I can stay only one night,
Leaving you with dawn no matter what"

Without a word he extended his hand,
With a lingering smile she came to him,
Kissing him on his cheek tenderly,
Wrapping her arms around his neck,

Whispered she,
“Take my hand and I will lead you  to where all your dreams can come true.
Close your eyes and open up your heart, For then this flight of dreams so sweet can start.
Dream, Dreamer, Dream.”

She brought him through the darkness to the Light,
Where colors wrapped around him in such delight.
A patchwork quilt of beauty without seams,
Each color was a rainbow full of dreams.

She led him through a hallway of pure ecstasy,
With doors flung open widely all around.
And from each room a song would gently play.
He wished with all his heart that he could stay,

But they drifted in the fragrance of the breeze,
To savor all the flowers and the trees.
They tasted all of life they could behold,
And felt it flow through them in harmony…..

Then his angel turned her eyes to him and said,
“You’re the Keeper of these Dreams inside your head.
Find sweet Dreamers, who would Dream of Love and Light,
These Dreams will lead them safely through the night.
Help these Dreamers Dream will you”

Night went by in blurry ecstasy,
And the dawn came up as usually it does,
With tears unshed in her blue eyes,
The angel flapped her wings and flew away into the dawn,

"You would never see me again my love,
But when you see a twinkling star at night,
That would be me looking down on you,
Think of me then and love me with your soul"

There he was sitting at his threshold,
Looking up at that twinkling star,
But he would never be lonely ever again,
For that star was twinkling down for him.....

The stars shine down,
And watch us live,
Our little lives,
And weep for us,

N.B - The last verse is from Sydney Sheldon's "The Stars Shine Down"


  1. "The stars shine down,
    And watch us live,
    Our little lives,
    And weep for us,"

    //N.B - The last verse is from Sydney Sheldon's "The Stars Shine Down"//

    This reminds me of a great novel by Sydney Sheldon - 'The other side of midnight' read in 1980's. After that I could not get any of his creations. Now I will make it a point to browse in the library. Thank you.

    1. Mr. Dayawee,

      My favourite book by Sidney Sheldon is "Tell Me Your Dreams" 3 Women are main characters in that plot and at the end it is revealed that all 3 are different personalities of the same woman. She is suffering from a severe form of MPD ( multiple personality disorder)

  2. සිඩ්නි ෂෙල්ඩන් ගේ මා කැමතිම නවකතාව doomsday conspiracy ය.

    1. රසික,

      මමත් කියවල තියනව..අර කාළගුණ බැලුමක කතාව නේද? අන්තිමට ඒක මට මතක විදිහට පිට ලෝකෙකින් ආපු අභ්‍යාවකාශ යානයක්ද කොහෙද නේද?

  3. මේ ළඟදී බලපු Gone Girl චිත්‍රපටිය නිසා ෂෙල්ඩන්ගේ මම කියවපු Memories of Midnight පොත මතක් උනා. ඒ ගැන බුකි පෝස්ට් එකකුත් දැම්මා.

    මම් මේ බ්ලොග් වෙච්චි සොසීට මොනාද තවුසේ කිව්වේ කියල බලන්නමයි වැඩියෙන් ආවේග හැක්

    1. දේශකයා,

      /බ්ලොග් වෙච්චි සොසීට /

      සොසීට මක් උනාය කිව්ව?

  4. මේක නම් අතිශයම මෙව්වයි....

    1. ලිඛිතා,

      එහෙනං එහෙනං.... මේ මක්ක කියනවද ඔහේ? අතිශයින්ම මෙව්වයි තමයි...:)

  5. තවුසෙ ලියන මගුලක් සිංහලෙන් ලියනවකො ඕයි.
    මේක සිංහල වියුනුවක් නේද?


    1. අඩුම තරමේ මේ කවියට අදාලව කතාවක් හරි සිංහලෙන් ලියන්න තිබ්බා...

    2. ප්‍රසන්න,

      ඉඳ හිටල මෙව්වත් ලියන්න එපාය බං...

    3. පැතුම්,

      හරි හරි ඉඳහං මේ වගෙ කතා දෙක තුනක්ම තිබ්බ අර පරණ සී.ඩී. එකේ...දාන්නංකො...


    1. ප්‍රා,

      අපූරු ලිපිය...ප්‍රා කොස්දෙල් කාල තියනවද? අපි කෑගල්ලෙ ඉන්දැද්දි අපේ ගේ පිටිපස්සෙ තිබ්බ මහ විසාල කොස්දෙල් ගහක්..කොස්දෙල් ඇට තම්බල පොලුත් එක්ක පුදුම රහයි..ලියන්නංකො ඒ ගැන වෙලාවක...

  7. //You must not duck the bullet using ducks.
    You must not face the music with your face.
    Headbutting, don’t use your head. Or your butt.
    You must not use a house to build a home,
    and never look for poetry in poems.//

  8. සිඩ්නි ෂෙල්ඩන් ගේ පොත් බලල නෑ...

    1. පැතුම්,

      ෂෝක් පොත් මලේ...හොයාගෙන කියවපන්...BBW එකේ එහෙම නොවැරදීම තියෙයි


මගේ සිතුවිලි ගැන ඔබේ සිතුවිලි


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